Friday, March 4, 2011

In the making experience

We have been given a task to make a short video. The video is based on the Sesame Street -word on the street-
My group have decide to come out with a video entitled -word of the day- and the word was PLAY.
We start at one evening, around 5:30. The reasons we start at evening because most of the student were having their exercise and free time by jogging, playing badminton, netball, volley ball, archery and others.
So, we take a few shot of these student.
Our planning get distracted because the compact camera we going to use is run out of battery. No choice, we used my friend handphone.

To describe the word PLAY, we come out with the traditional childhood games, like teng-teng, batu seremban, upih, hide and seek.

In our video, we dancing slot. We ask help from the other group to be the additional dancer. It's kind of funny to dance poco-poco near the DKU. Luckily, there are no student that evening.

To shot the video of pulling upih, I got the chance to sit on the upih and being pull by my friend.

Finished with the shooting, we decide to combine the videos and turn it into a short movie. This is the first time I'm doing this editing. So, there are a lot of trial and error.

Again, we are tested, the videos we took are upside down. And none of us know how to rotate the video. Then we just choose a few videos that is okay.

To finish the last product we have created about ten short movie. Need so much patient to edit. To make it fit the time frame, then to match the appropriate song. For the first time, I sleep at 4:30am, just to edit the videos.

To think it again, actually I have gain a new experience, and also new sweet memory with friends.

Special thank you to my group members and not forgotten the additional characters.

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