Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Piece of Reminder

Last three days, I spend time at Merang Suria Resort. As a facilitator for English outdoor program. I heard a news that Japan is having earth quake, and tsunami. Some said the impact of that will reach our country. It is so uneasy feeling.
With the access to BBC news in the resort room, I able to see the moment tsunami attck Japan. That was so frightening. Hearing the waves by the beach at the resort bring uncomfortness to me.

The last day of the program, we all going to depart from the resort. While waiting for the bus, two of my friends and I, along with a few participants went to the seashore. At the beginning the waves is ok, even it quite strong. All of sudden, the waves become bigger and stronger. My heart pounding so quickly. Reminding the capabilityof the waves, we decide to back off.

That was a terrible sightseeing. Fealy very sorry for Japan. They must be very shock and need help. As Japan is located on five active plats, they have potential of many earth quake. Lucky for us, we never experience it. We just feel the "little" side impact.

Let's be grateful.

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