Friday, May 27, 2011


Everybody in this world have different kind of interest or so called passion. Some love traveling, some can't wait to go shopping, some have countless pots of flowers around their house. And for me, the passion that never change from my childhood is the passion for animal. I really love animal, especially the one with fluffy fur.

The ultimate thief that stole my heart is the cat and the rest of it's family. This feline family I would say just fantastic. They're adorable. I nearly forgot for how many generations of cats that I have in the back days. They kept changing every year. Up till today, there are 6 of them (3 kittens) playing and running around my house (my parents house actually). My family and I seems to run out of name to give . The easy way is just look at their colour and character. Just like human, they also have different kind of characters.  

Whenever I stress, or boring, I just need to sit around them, they just know how to entertain me. I feel really comfortable being with them. There's one person said that people who love cats is a lonely person. I'm not sure to what extent the phrase really means.

Just ignore it. As long as I love them, and they love me, that enough to draw a smile on my face. Moreover, they just listen and understand whenever I speak to them. Especially when I told them to do something "bad and naughty". Like chasing and bite each other. How good does it feel. I just couldn't stop laughing.

That's the never failed medicine to make me smile and awake my spirit. Thanks Comel, Gebu, Pong, Shin Chan, Tam, Shiro, Kecik, Merah, Putih, Labu, Nene, Oshin, Cheetah, Botex, and Wen for enlighten my life (a few names that I remember).

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