Sunday, November 13, 2011


Assalamualaikum wbt everybody..

Just feel like to talk about culture. We all have a culture, and of course we live in a culture.

We don't have to go to America, China or even Africa to compare our culture. We don't have to seek differences between Malays, Chinese and Indian to understand what is a culture.

Just look at us. Between Malays, we do have differences in culture.

We celebrate wedding ceremony everywhere, but we held it differently.

We eat everyday, but we serve it differently.

We talk everytime we met, but we speak differently.

We knew each other for so long, but we think differently.

We learned the same thing, but we applied it differently.

We do a lot of things differently. That's a culture.

It just a matter of how we adapt and adopt new and different cultures around us.

Observe and will see the beautiful colours of culture.

Be open and appreciate the others.

Live happily in diversity.

Have a nice day.


IntaNBerliaN said...

betoi.. dkt kita sini ada mcm2 culture.. kita dpt mngenali n blajar byk culture :-)

meowwmania said...

very true indeed!

hye kakak nazirah...ailebiu hikhik

much love,

Oh Oeya said...

Nice2 have ur day :)