Thursday, September 12, 2013

Chicken Tenders

Assalamualaikum wbt

I just got back from Klang. Attending a meeting. It took a whole day long. Let's skip the details and go to what I want to share.

During lunch, we move as a group. Since I'm not really familiar with the place I just follow them. They decided to eat at Texas chicken. It's a fast food restaurant. This is my first time, and I never heard of it before.

The menus are not really inviting for me. Not attractive at all. I ordered chicken tenders. Since a night before going there I watched a video of a boy craving for chicken tenders. So I thought I would give a try. 

The chicken tenders come with jalapeno sauce. A Mexican chili. The tenders are cold and hard. What a dish. Force myself to finish it. 

It's about an hour after than, my stomach starts to rumble and tumble. Along the way to Penang, I had to go to the washroom a few times.  It is not a nice experience.

This is my personal experience and view. 

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akmall said...

Naz : wow.. English language eyh? Love to read it. Yup, once a while, we need to come back to our roots. *hows that? haahah