Monday, September 23, 2013


Assalamualaikum wbt...

Hi guys.Who like pink? Put your hands up. Never mind, I can't see anyway.

Well, I don't like pink. It's too soft for me. Sometimes dull. But..there is one pink that I love.

This one.....

I love her song, and the music is so fantastic. Despite the video clips, just a bit crazy. She's known for her tomboyish look but she's okay as a person. 

Who say tomboy have cold hard heart? She's married, blessed with a son and love her family very much. 

Just wanna share songs that I listen to lately

--> Girl on Fire (Alicia Keys)
--> Everything Burns (Anastacia)
--> I Love It (Icano Pop)
--> Shine Ya Light (Rita Ora)
--> Just Give A Reason (Pink)
--> It's Time (Imagine Dragons)
--> Please Don't Leave Me (Pink)
--> Try (Pink)
--> Heart Attack (Demi Lovato)

The music plays the major influence on how I pick my favourite song. Then the lyric come in. 
Everybody has their own ways and reasons for their choice. This is mine. 

Disorganised content...hahaha..just ease the urge to update

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Ayuni said...

tend to choose the song and the lyrics more that the artist.....

akmall said...

Kan!!! pink memang best.. I actually love and envy her at the same time, she has this very beautiful, graspy, husky, voice and yet tender and powerful. She could just hits high note like ease. Love her style too, should listen to Who Knew, very good song.