Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Assalamualaikum wbt...

Hi there..well, my friend updated in his blog that he always read UK Daily Mail. So I decided to give a peek. Browsing through headlines, and I stop at this one ..

'Clothing must cover the ENTIRE body': Revealed, the strict dress code at Islamic school that forces women teachers to wear a hijab regardless of religion

The news was about a female Christian teacher teaches at an Islamic School in Derby. She was requested to wear full covered clothing as what we called "menutup aurat". But, according to her, she was "forced" to follow the school code attire. Furthermore, she added it is something she can't comply with. She left the school after 3 months. She even made complaint to the Office for Standards in Education. 

She questioned the need to asked female students to sit at the back of the classroom. She concerned about their well-being and progress. Besides what is good for not allowing boys to look at girls. She felt damn concerned and prejudiced. 

Well, I have question to ask to you teacher. What do you think a Muslimah (female with the faith in Islam) feels when some universities, companies, and schools forced them to open their scarf. They were teased and treated more badly than what you experienced.  

You can't comply with the school policy, so you think we can with your islamophobia policy? Bullshit.

When other make you feel unease, you said it is prejudice. When you do exactly the same thing, you said it is okay, it is the policy, it is for the safety precautions. You have brain, don't you teacher? 

I admit that not all Muslim are good and not all Christian are bad. But be nice, don't think you are more superior and you guys can do anything you like. Understand the reasons behind the rules before you go bragging all over. 

Try to find how Islam value women, and you will understand the relevance of the rules. 

You guys can read the news for yourself. Daily Mail UK  


akmall said...

ups! *letakkan tangan kat mulut.. siapakah kawan anda itu? mesti dia comel kan?hahahahha

Ayuni said...

True, totally agree with you...

Naz said...

akmall: dia mmg "comel" sbb makan 2 biji telur mata..

Ayuni: They are biased