Wednesday, April 18, 2012

In Time

Assalamualaikum wbt..

Hi..I just finished watching "In Time" movie. The main performers are Justin Timberlake (Will Salas) and Amanda Seyfried (Sylvia Weis). I would say it's a best movie.

The storyline is clearly about the 'time'. Imagine you live in a world where your life-time-limit is known. Scary I guess. It just like you are watching your life-clock reverse seconds by seconds. If you are afraid of dying, you have to do anything to keep you survive, like stealing other people's time, or gamble your time with the hope of winning so you can live longer.

In this movie, there is a country with more than 12 time zones. The time zones are equal to states in our country. Each zone have its own rules and policy. The hero live in a zone where the life-limit for people is 25 years. All transactions done using time transfer. You have to pay 1 hour of your life to took a bus home. You have to work to gain more time. Your life-time is shown in digital clock exist inside your left arm. It's greenish glowing clock.

This is your life time clock

Will Salas has a dream to take his mother to Greenwhich time zone. The Greenwhich is a zone for very wealthy-time people. They have hundreds and thousands years. You can see the huge different between the zones.

One day, Will stumbled upon a guy (Hamilton) with 105 years on his clock in a bar. A group of gangster try to steal that guy's time. Will saved him. In the morning after they escaped from the gangster's radar, that guy gave his life-time to Will. Spared on 5 minutes for him to have a walk to a bridge, and died there.

Will just a second away to save his mother's life. She died. Will decided to go the Greenwhich to start a new living, besides to redeem the death of his mother. Wealthy-time people in Greenwhich are oppressing people in other time zones with tax and loan interest.

In Greenwhich, he stayed in a hotel, and went to a casino to gamble. He played poker with a very wealthy-time man. The bed placed on the table is 1100 years. Will won. The man introduced his daughter, Sylvia. Will was invited to a party at the man house. Before they could their second game, Will was arrested with the charge of stealing other people time. They found Hamilton's dead body. The time keeper is the police in this movie. They kept Will's time, left him just two hours.

Will escaped by taking Sylvia as hostage. Sylvia worth a decade life-time. On the run, they were hijacked by the previous gangster. They stole Sylvia's time.Left her with just half an hour. They try asked time from her father, but devastated with the result. To survive, they pawned her diamond ear rings worth two days life-time. They shared it. They live on the run from the time keeper. They called her father once more time, still her father refuse to give away his time.

Sylvia accidently shoot a time keeper in a confrontation. They posessed the time keeper's car. As the time role is just like a police, they use the car and disguised as a police, stopped people's car and 'politely' asked for some time.

To survive, Sylvia come with an idea, to stole time from his father time-loan bank. They stole the time and gave it to other people. Still they have to live running from the time keeper and the gangster. The gangster managed to smell they hiding place. In a time battle, Will won and killed the gangster.

They go to the extend of taking Sylvia father as a hostage and stole his time saving worth a million years. They still running from the time keeper. On the same time distributed the million time to everybody. And the country were hectic because the rules were broken. People have life-time limit beyond what they should have. The time keeper died clock out.

Will and Sylvia themselves almost end their life on the run. But of course the hero and heroine stay alive at the end.

I personally recommend this movie for you guys.

I have some opinions and views on this movie, but will do it in next entry, cause this sinopsis is already long.  

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~~ZusUliYaiNi mAMaT~~ said...

wei, keep this movie wif you, no delete yet..will grab it from you soon...

Wydaz said...

I love reading your synopsis. It is simple and understandable, giving me a high interest to watch this movie :D

meowwmania said...

woww interesting!!

Naz said...

Zusuliyaini: Ok

Wydaz: you should watch it

Meowwmania: You should watch it too mummy

Aidah said...

Akak dah tengok citer ni. Hmmm..sgt interesting. A scenario of 'what ifs' runs in my mind after watching this movie. Sebab orang sekarang ni macam dah tak cukup masa dgn tuntutan kerja, traffic jam dan macam2 lagi. Movie ni mmg best plus JT pun ada kan. Hihihi.

Naz said...

ye akak..citer ni perlu difahami, supaya nmpak pengajarannya

UniMeOw said...

waaaa nak tgk gak!!!

Anonymous said...

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Naz said...

UniMeow: Tgk la cepat

Wintigo: Thanks for your visit. I appreciated it.