Friday, July 6, 2012

John Grisham

Assalamualaikum wbt..

Happy Friday to everyone. Today's weather is good. Bright and sunny. Experienced heavy rain couple of days before. Not much activities that I can do. Just hibernating with Baq and Uih. Hehe.

Okay, today I want to write about novel. I love reading. I really do. Back in my primary school, library is a must-to-go place for almost everyday. The habit continue till I unofficially finished my study more or less a week ago.

I love reading investigation, mystery kind of books. I enjoyed them very much. Back in 4 years when I first time stepped into UniSZA library, I found an english novel. It's a quite a thick one. The title was "A Painted House", wrote by John Grisham. An American writer.

After finished reading that book, I fell in love with his writing. And I continue his other novels. Up till now I have read 7 out of his 21 novels. The main things in his writing are crime and justice. He came up with any crime and fight for the justice in court. In brief, all his novels are lawyerly oriented.

I just love it. I don't know about others. Even though the world of law is something alien to me, but through his writing, I found the passion to continue my reading. The latest novel I finished yesterday was " The Street Lawyer".

I personally suggest for you guys to read his novel. The language is easy. The plot is relevant. Full of suspence, and drama.

The writer

The first novel I read

The latest novel I read

The Street Lawyer is the only John Grisham novel that I owned. Before this I just borrowed from the library. I aim to collect all 21 novels written by him.

Yes, I prefer English novel than Malay.

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meowwmania said...

oh! i like reading blogs heheh..

Aidah said...

Akak dah lama belek2 novel John Grisham ni tapi tak beli pun. Selalunya akak tengok citer dia bila dah keluar tv ja. Hehehe. Tapi lepas ni rasanya nak beli satu lah. Engaging tak citer street lawyer tu? Dalam banyak2 apa yang the best novel by John Grisham, naz? Akak nak pi kedai buku, beli satu.

Naz said...

Meowwmania: pun bahan bacaan jugak..

Aidah: semua best akak..tak rugi beli yg mana2 pun..setiap cerita ada thrill yg tersendiri..