Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Impact

Assalamualaikum wbt..

This morning I happened to watch Discovery Channel about Weaponology. Where they unwind the properties of some weapons existed and used in this world.

And today's issue is about the bullet. As you guys know, there are big numbers of bullet types.

This is just a small portion of bullets that we have. 

Bullet is what makes the gun, riffle, machine gun and many other shooting devices dangerous. Without a bullet, it's gonna be a total waste. 

In that particular program, they demonstrated what a bullet can do to a block of clay. And of course the clay represent the human body. They showed the impact of different bullets, and the result just mind blowing. 

Just compare the above images. The entry and exit of the bullet. And imagine that on a human body. That is what happened in war. Where much sophisticated bullets were used. To get a clearer picture you guys can always 'Google' the impact of bullet on human body and see for yourself. 

I'm sure some of you had seen the photo of a baby lost of most of her back by a bullet. Just a small round and clean entry on the chest but a burst of impact on the back.   

May Allah bless, save and protect those innocent, helpless, mistreated and abused people. 

Photo: Google Image


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