Wednesday, May 1, 2013

It's Over

Assalamualaikum wbt

A dedication to someone.

We've been friend for almost four years. I care, I worried, I love about you. We shared problems. You seek me for advice. You kept me company when I'm bored.

We shared sweet and sour. I gave you my best to make you smile. You always reminded me when I'm lost. All I can remember is the sweetness  of you.

There are so much memories for all the years.'s all over..when you have someone special, you fall in love.

I took the blame for all arguments you had. I'm the third party. The burden and barrier to your happiness. It seems very easy for you to asked me to stop looking for you after this.

For all time, I pray to Allah to bless me with a strong memory. But now, I wish I could just erase you from my mind. Like a computer does.

Is it a normal thing to left your friend for your love? Whatever your answer is...

All I can do is to pray for your happiness.

Gonna start new day without you. 

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1 comment:

akmall said...

naz : dont be like that... he/she might have someone but it does not mean that she/he has to left you without anything, she/he will remember all of the memories together. trust me.