Friday, March 23, 2012

Beware of Your Thinking

Assalamualaikum wbt...

This gonna be a serious entry.

My school counselor once said "You should be careful of what you thinking, one day it might be your speaking". At first glance, nothing wrong, isn't it? Our brain works every seconds non stop. Sometimes slow, and sometimes fast. We think most of the time. From the moment we wake up in the morning, until we sleep at night. True.

My point is we should control our thinking, thinks about something useful. Reason why I write this entry is from day to day I hear quite annoying dirty talks by my classmates. I have no idea what make them so happy talking something dirty like that. They seems enjoy and have fun. You guys know right what I mean by dirty talk. Straight to the about sex and everythings related to it.

When I heard them talking, it make me think about what my counselor said. As if there are nothing inside their brain other than dirty things. What..don't they have anythings else to think and talk about. There're millions of things and topics under the sun. That's why the counselor told my schoolmates and me about our thinking might be our speaking. We speak what inside our brain.  

Don't tell me because all of them are 21 and above, so they have the freedom to talk like that. That was irritating. Once in a while, yeah I can take it, but most of the time..crap. I felt ashamed just to hear they talking, but it just me..they didn't mind at all. Shameful.

Sometimes I choose to distant myself from them just because of this. Yeah..maybe they can give reasons of their behavior, maybe to reduce stress, makes jokes and laugh. I believe there're reasons for every actions we made. But in this context, I have no idea what reasons they have.  

I know some of my clasmates will read this entry, but I don't mind. This is what I felt and what I saw and what I heard. I have right to express my thinking and my stand. Not to say I'm heavenly sent, but that scope it just too much for funny jokes.    

For those who read this, this is my point of view. I didn't ask whether its right or wrong. Just expressing my stand.

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