Saturday, March 17, 2012

Spirit and Will

Assalamualaikum wbt...

Hi guys..happy weekends, bet you guys busy with lots of holidays activities..isn't it? Just use the holidays wisely, okay. Feel like writing about spirit and will.

Today, just before lunch hour, I managed to finish my supposed-to-finish-yesterday assignment. What a relieve. The ealier plan is to settle it yesterday, but, miserably my will isn't strong enough to move my brain-body combination. It's so shameful. I let whole yesterday gone without any trace.

I always have the spirit to do all my works, but as always my will didn't really cooperate. I kept postponing the duty with I'll-do-it-later promises. Morning to noon and night. Today to tomorrow and the day after. Nothing happen.

I always want to change for good, but end up playing games for hours. Only me can make a different, I do realize that. It's now time to start moving. No one knows ourself better than us, right?

Spirit and will, please stay here with me. Not just that, time management also matter here. Well, all these things are just basic that we knew for all along. But, without action, all things we know are just going to be hit and run by unstoppable time.

Settle it at once, there's more waiting.

Just blabbling to my own self. You better change for good.

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