Saturday, March 31, 2012

Earth Hour

Assalamualaikum wbt..

Tonight the whole world will be celebrating Earth Hour for this year. We gonna show our concern and love to our beloved earth by switching off the light for 60 minutes. Let's do our part in reducing the heat of our atmosphere.

Just 1 hour. No one gonna die without the light, right. Come on everybody, take action tonight and be grateful of what we have now. Pray for the longevity of our mother nature.

Foto: Google Image


meowwmania said...

jom candle light dinner! :p

Naz said...


Liselle MonCherie said...

Mwehehe turning our eyes to night vision mode!
Huhu Go Green!

Naz said...

yeah..why not, just once in a while

m4rilyn said...

i was on the road with my girl friend. least kat rumah I mmg sambut earth hour every week since weekend jarang ada orang kat rumah :)

Naz said...

Bgus2..amalkan selalu